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Vainglory 5V5

Branding and Marketing

Starting Fall of 2017, we began the process of launching Vainglory's 5V5 mode. The branding and a large portion of the social and campaign design was completed by me. The campaign began with a brand reveal gif on social, linking to the early access registration page. Following, we released a series of teasers on social for the upcoming 5V5 map and monsters. Before our World Championship Tournament in December, we partnered with Razer and offered a Razer phone giveaway for signing up for 5V5, featured both on our site and social media. At World's, we revealed 5V5 to our players with showmatch games and a grand map showcase. This was announced with another social media hype campaign and featured in-app front page. The final stage came in the new app icon to give a face to our huge update.


5V5 Reveal

Early Access Preregistration Website

Mobile Site

Social Media Hype


Razer Partnership

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World's Unveiling

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