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Branding and Identity

The Illumyn project came to us at BZDesign as an industrial design project. The goal was to finesse and prototype a 3D holographic projector. The client's concept was was to project lasers into a sphere filled with gas to create a 3D holographic projection of a 3D model. Primarily, the final product will be used in the gaming industry. While Adam Baker, industrial designer at BZDesign, created the prototypes and final renderings, I produced the branding and product name.

The Illumyn name comes from "illuminate," but it is a struggle to find a spelling not already taken by a brand. The mark reflects the laser capacity and the gradient illustrates the cloudy gas inside the sphere. Although the final logo was vinyl cut out of a solid color and applied to the real life model and render, the company intends to use the gradient version for marketing.


Illumyn Logo


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Style Guide

Illumyn Style Guide

3D Render

Illumyn Brand Mockup

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