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Gaming for Good

Branding, Web Design, and Marketing

Gaming for Good fills a unique niche in charitable livestreaming, offering rewards to both streamer and donator, but suffers from poor design, difficult usability, and limited available information. To solve this, a change in branding and tone needs to be made, emphasizing ease of use and the charitable aspect. A complete overhaul will help to address a wider audience of both viewers and streamers and engage them, since a clearer message will make it more obvious that they are making a difference.

As part of the complete branding overhaul, I completed a new logo, brand guide, and website redesign. Additionally, downloadable social media and twitch overlay packs are included for marketing purposes. I chose this form of marketing by giving the users assets instead of banner ads, etc since web advertising is becoming difficult with the relative ease and effectiveness of Ad Blockers. These deliverables will serve to illustrate the new suggested tone of the program.

Click here to download the complete brand guide.


Gaming for Good Logo

Brand Guide

Gaming for Good Brand Guide


Gaming for Good Website
Gaming for Good Full Website


Gaming for Good Banners
Gaming for Good Banners
Gaming for Good Banners


Gaming for Good Overlays Template
Gaming for Good Overlays
Gaming for Good Social Media Overlays